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Saturday, June 4, 2011 HAUL

Finally I received my package from and I'm super duper happy to order from this site they are really friendly and they answer all your questions. They are base on HONGKONG they have a really inexpensive beauty supplies. And shipped worldwide and they also offer FREE SHIPPING. They are placed on a bubble wrap plus lots of foam to protect your package. Therefore over all I'm happy with it except for the tax that I payed here in PHILIPPINES. I spent US$105.50 with a free items. Check my youtube for the video of the haul.

Lets start with the products that I got:
All time favorite mask I have ever used so far and definitely highly recommended to all of you.

My Beauty Diary Cherry Blossom + Rose Set contains:

 Strawberry Yogurt Mask
I used this during my exam weeks and it makes my skin less dull and dry therefore it smells like yogurt too so instead of buying super expensive mask why don't you try this one.
My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask whitens and refines skin and control excessive sebum secretion.
Natural strawberry extract contains AHA, minerals and enzyme to leave skin clean, fair and fresh. Yogurt extract balances sebum secretion and tightens pores. Arbutin leaves skin luminous.
It also helps enhance skin’s moisture level.
It is suitable for normal skin and combination skin.

Natural Key Line Masks
I used this first because I got curious on how it will help my skin and thank god it is well defined mask 
My Beauty Diary Southern France Apricot Mask softens, smooths and highly moisturizes the skin.
Apricot extract from southern France provides excellent moisturizing effect. It quenches the thirst of skin, leaving dry skin keenly comfortable. The skin surface will be inscrutably velvety to the touch.
Added with extracts of highly moisturizing grain, such as oat, job's tears and hydrolyzed rice protein, it gives more in-depth nourishing and nursing effect to dry skin. The stratum corneum is fully soaked in moisturizing ingredients. It maintains skin’s suppleness, elasticity, fairness and clearness.
It is suitable for normal skin. It is especially recommended for dry skin and combination skin that tends towards dryness.


HANAMI Hair Brush Set (SB-9102) contains:
  • 【Hair Brush (SB-9102)】(1 piece)

    HANAMI Hair Brush (SB-9102) is a hair brush with an air cushion and NY small teeth. The teeth are soft and more sparsely populated. It cleanses, removes dandruffs, protects hair, moisturizes, massages, and aids in smooth styling, The dimensions are 245 mm (L) × 65 mm (W) × 45 mm (H).

    How to use: Comb hair for about 20 – 50 times a day.
  • 【Magic Foretop】(1 piece)

    HANAMI Magic Foretop is a substitute for hair pin. It can be applied to a fringe of hair of any length or volume, making facial cleansing, make-up application and styling easier. It will not destroy hairstyle after use.

    How to use: Simply stick the product to the hair.

US# 4.00
Kai Mascara Guard (Pink) ensures top quality of mascara application placed under eyes to prevent smudges and drops

US$ 16.10
One of the hottest makeup items in Japan, DEJAVU FIBERWIG Lash Knockout is a paint-on false lash that instantly transforms into wrapping firm and multiple fiber to lengthen your lashes.

Long and volume lashes 

  • It transforms into rich and thick firm that performs full lash look
  • Quick dry formula
  • The newly invented brush enables perfect contact to every piece of lash.
No “panda eyes”

  • It instantly transforms into adhering firm to resist sebum, water and sweat. No smudge.
Convenient removal

  • It could be removed by warm water. No damage to lashes.

US$ 16.10
Koji DOLLY WINK Long Mascara (Black) has a waterproof formula, it can maintain long lasting and will not blooming. Containing curl stereotypes polymer, which can help your eyelashes extend upwards and provide you a curled eyelashes. And your eyelashes look long and three dimensional. 

US$ 8.40

I have already used this and this gives you a very this application as in super thin application but I had a difficulty of applying it because of a super fine this brush. 
Koji Spring Heart Liquid Eyeliner is a super fine liquid eyeliner for dramatic, beautifully defined eye

 TONY MOLY Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub is formulated with natural botanical ingredients. It removes dead skin cells without irritating the lips. It contains ARGan oil that softens and hydrates your lips

I got this two for FREE CLIPS AND EYELINER

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