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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Majolica Majorca Philippines


Check them out at:

I bought few of there make-up and I was amazed on how great and high quality there make-ups are. Majolica Majorca is sister company of Shiseido.
Eyelids transform into jewels. Pastel colors suitable for porcelain doll skin.
Jeweling Eyes 2 new shades Total 10 shades
Translucent pearls of diverse sizes, glitter from every angle. Eyes glimmer like 
jewels with new pastel eyeshadow colors.

Cosmopolitan.... Mint blue eyes
PRICE: 795.00

PK 722


Extreme makeover reshaper cheek blush
Cheek blush
3-D powder blusher to accentuate your features.

COLOR: Peach
PRICE: 495.00

                                          SORRY No swatches since its difficult to take photo

Liquid rouge with 70% moisturizing ingredient for lips that's feminine yet cute.

Rouge Majex
Dressier than gloss, lighter than lipstick. For lips that are a
little grown up, yet remember what it's like to be cute.

PRICE: 495.00

PK 338



Captivating ultra thick Lashes! It's the evolution of lashes Enamel Glamour Neo
Lash enamel Glamour Volume On
Thicker and Thicker! A Revolutionary volume-lifting mascara to pump up lashes for 
ultimate volume. Mascara coats lashes to give a shiny jet-blck finish with just one stroke! With the new double comb wand, it creates ultra thick lashes that are irresistibly doll-like!

PRICE: 795.00

The evolution of the liquid eyeliner! Eyes are emphasized and appearance of eyes.
Perfect Automatic Liner
7 colors

The secret to its evolution is the bold black base and subtle pearlescent colors.
7 different shades change the appearance to transform your eyes. A precise line every time without fading or smudging. Striking!

COLOR: Piercing Eyes
PRICE: 695.00

RD 605
This eyeliner color is perfect for pink eyeshadow
Freely combine eyeshadows, blusher and brushes to create your own cosmetics case!
Customize Case <With mirror>
Choose your favorite colors and take them anywhere!
Simply place 2 shadow Customize or 1 Cheek customize and a Customize assist brush
in this case.
With Majolica Majorca's magical chant engraved on the top, create your very
own cosmetic case!

PRICE: 395.00

This case is used either for the blush or the single eyeshadow. BRUSH for this is seperated!!!

you will be able to get this make-up bag for FREE if you buy 1000php single receipt,

Pink color inside...YIPPPEEE SUPER LIKE ^_*
VIDEO wil be uploaded next week...

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