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Hi everyone its good to know that I finally decided to be serious to do a blog for all of you. By the way I'm Aira aka fugine6wind, I'm a filipino and I lived to the great "Perlas ng Silanganan" (wink^_*). I'm a youtube guru you can check my videos on Make-up, haul, reviews and many more. I'm a medical Student so its a little difficult for me to do a everyday blogging but since its my passion and I lurved to talk about Fashion. I'm totally ignoring my toxic life. All Of the blogs and issues here are just my personal opinion, not to harm anyone or the company and not to give bad image on the products or what so ever so keep on tuning for more updates best of luck. Aira ^_*

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fast Stop to Serendra

I just notice that I need DIET since I notice double chin on my face tsktsktsk ^_*

I'm wearing Basic Top in Fuchsia by Forever 21
Pants from Bench
shoes by CMG
Purse from Juicy Couture

WE ate at "CLAWDADDY SEAFOOD RESTAURANT" located at GLobal Taguig City and this picture is
a Sour in Cream Mojos...This was delicious but it too much sour @_@

This "MISSISSIPPI MUDCAKE" was supposed to be dessert but I ended up as an appetizer. (Weird)

This "CLASSIC RUSTIC CARBONARA" are sooo heavy in the stomach.
At first we order 1 for each of us but thankfuly the waiter said, "MA'AM ITs GOOD FOR 2 PERSON".
OMG thank you thank you!!! coz if we didn't listen to the kind waiter will
end up at ER for sure. GLUTTONY @_@

Wearing SWATCH watch and JC purse

NOTE: If ever you will go to SERENDRA aka GLOBAL pleaseeee let the sun set first
or go during at night coz promise you will not enjoy walking like in HK...Grrrrrrrr too much hatred
since Contis is CLOSED:>

See the rays of sun on my face thank goodness for my sunglass. And if
your wondering I'm wearing GUCCI sunglass I just lurved there line of sunglass ^_*

Can't believe were doin this, tons of cars are waiting but we still take shots
for this finale and my two cousin's were even trying to pose their best pose ever. Thanks for dropping
by and hopefully more fashion and food trips heading for this blog. BEST OF LUCK AIRA ^_*

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