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Hi everyone its good to know that I finally decided to be serious to do a blog for all of you. By the way I'm Aira aka fugine6wind, I'm a filipino and I lived to the great "Perlas ng Silanganan" (wink^_*). I'm a youtube guru you can check my videos on Make-up, haul, reviews and many more. I'm a medical Student so its a little difficult for me to do a everyday blogging but since its my passion and I lurved to talk about Fashion. I'm totally ignoring my toxic life. All Of the blogs and issues here are just my personal opinion, not to harm anyone or the company and not to give bad image on the products or what so ever so keep on tuning for more updates best of luck. Aira ^_*

Friday, October 26, 2012

Haunting Vampire Inspired Make-up

Happy Halloween everyone here's a simple way to jazz up the vampire look during the halloween day, simple yet haunting look. Tons of make-up for vampire in youtube that you can find and heres my own version of it. 

thinks that girls love the idea of vampires because there's something about someone who could love you for eternity...

Foundation: Chanel Vitalumier Aqua
Shu Uemura Cream Shadow in "P Taupe"
Coastal Scent 88 Matte Palette
Lorea'l Eyeliner in Jet Black
NYX lipstick in Fire and Pandora
Nail Polish by Faceshop RD 302
GEO Contact Lens in Red

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