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Hi everyone its good to know that I finally decided to be serious to do a blog for all of you. By the way I'm Aira aka fugine6wind, I'm a filipino and I lived to the great "Perlas ng Silanganan" (wink^_*). I'm a youtube guru you can check my videos on Make-up, haul, reviews and many more. I'm a medical Student so its a little difficult for me to do a everyday blogging but since its my passion and I lurved to talk about Fashion. I'm totally ignoring my toxic life. All Of the blogs and issues here are just my personal opinion, not to harm anyone or the company and not to give bad image on the products or what so ever so keep on tuning for more updates best of luck. Aira ^_*

Friday, March 9, 2012

Serendra Haul 2012

Serendra aka Bonifacio High is like a Hongkong site seeing place were you can walk, relax, eat and shop.High end brand are also available like Makeup forever, lush Charles and Keith, Gap, Muji, Faceshop, Lasenza and etc. Plus foods and resto are great to fill your hungry and empty stomach. I suggest going their only during night time or when the sun set because of a hot climate.
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Since I just arrived from school and I don't have time to retouch or apply make-up I'm only wearing very simple look for the day just a Tonymoly Gel Liner in Brown, Nars Angelika as my blush and Etude house Pink lipsticks

Feathery Earing are from a random shop

Wearing: Shirt from Forever 21
Pants from Guess
Shoes from Lacoste
Bag from Paris Hilton
Sunglass from Gucci

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Havaianas P1495 pesos

Lovely Me-Ex nail Remover: P 95.00 pesos
Lovely Me-Ex Stick Eyes 06 Dark Brown: P355.00 pesos
Cleansing Wipes: P95.00

Nails Polish
Face It Nail art crystal collection GR501: P285.00 pesos
Lovely Me-Ex Nails : P95.00 pesos

Starbucks Tumbler 12oz Madrona: P 1095 pesos

Charles and Keith Wedge: P2300.00 pesos

Muji Orange pe: P125.00
Corn Snack Coat Chocolate: P125.00

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